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The Odyssey, originally the great epic by Homer, is a journey. For hundreds of years people listened to Greek bards tell the story orally, and the first transmissions of this story were by mouth. After its codification, The Odyssey became a classic book and the story took form in written word.

Today we live in an age where the bard exists and performs the same roles in public, though we know him as the MC.

The Odyssey has been missed or neglected by today’s generation of students and scholars. This project will salvage one of the greatest epic stories of Western Civilization, make it relevant, and deliver it to an audience today that would benefit from the timeless wisdom contained within.

The Odyssey is full of war, violence, sex, gods, riches and power struggle. Now there’s a way for hip hop artists to discuss the gritty topics in a way that benefits the community, and preserves a timeless work.

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